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“I’m excited to share the craft of seasonal preservation with you through intentionally unique jams and marmalades.  May these copper-crafted preserves create experiences and connections with your communities beyond toast.” – Emily Hutton | Founder | Prospect Jam Co.

Prospect Jam Co. is an artisan preserve company based in Columbus, Ohio. We make Copper Crafted, Small-Batch Preserves. PJco specializes in a variety of jams and marmalades with a focus on seasonal and intentionally unique flavors.  We take pride in our process. Our preserves are cooked in copper pots and produced in small batches. By crafting in the traditional French method, we are able to extract only the natural pectin within the fruit itself, without the addition of preservatives. We focus on the details, from the ingredients we use to our packaging, to how we prepare each fruit before preservation. We believe in sourcing organic and local ingredients whenever possible.

Description:  Blueberry with Lavender & Lemon Balm

Tasting Notes: blueberry | floral lavender | fresh mint | lemon zest

Pairing Suggestions: blueberry jam lemonade | granola | cornmeal cake | ricotta pancakes

A snapshot of the Ohio spring and summer growing season. A blueberry jam with floral lavender and fresh lemon balm. A member of the mint family, lemon balm, compliments the mentha qualities of the floral lavender and helps finish this jam with a subtle herbal note. Making a refreshing blueberry lemonade for porch hangs on a summer night or a topping for lemon ricotta pancakes, kids like it too. But, we won’t judge if the adults want to add an ounce or two of their favorite spirits to the lemonade. We’ve heard it plays nice with gin, vodka, and bourbon.

Ingredients: organic blueberries, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, lavender oil (lavender flowers), lemon balm, lemon zest


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