National Good Food Award-Winning, Ohio-Grown Preserves.

Grown and produced in small batches in Ohio. The ingredients for Black Radish Creamery’s preserves epitomize the farm-to-school concept and are picked at the peak of ripeness. The co-founders, John and Anne Reese source their fruit directly from local farmers. They talk with each farmer about their practices to ensure they are getting the finest fruits from our region.

Black Radish Creamery’s artisanal, handcrafted, small-batch facility is located in Alexandria, OH. They choose organic and naturally grown ingredients first for their preserves. A portion of their fruit is certified organic. Most of the artisanal farmers they source have too small farms to justify certification.

Moreover, the process of preserving is something that Black Radish Creamery takes seriously. They hand-stir the preserves in small batches for hours until they are the right consistency.  Ultimately, the fruit is always the number one ingredient in all of their preserves. They only add enough cane sugar to preserve the fruit properly.  This is done by testing the natural sugar levels of the fruit and adjust each recipe accordingly. Therefore, his extra step ensures that Black Radish Creamery’s national award-winning preserves always highlight the fruit’s natural flavors.